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How to Spread Joy 

Joy can be a very fragile thing, but it can be cared for, cultivated, grown, and nurtured in us all.  

That is why we started this site - so we could share our experiences and share how to feel, cultivate, and even spread Joy.  

Put JOY into Motion in our lives.  

We can get disconnected from Joy for different reasons:

  • Maybe it’s been a love relationship that has moved away
  • Maybe it’s been a significant trauma 
  • Maybe it’s been focusing time on other areas of our lives
  • Maybe we’ve forgotten what Joy brings to us and it just feels like it has slowly snuck away, draining out of us.
  • The sad truth is we can get disconnected from the very feeling that drives us to experience, know and spread Joy in our lives.  

Losing the understanding of how to feel Joy, means we can lose the knowledge and ability to rekindle it.

We may have experienced hurt, grief, sadness, and even bitter failures.  

Yet, beyond all of our stories of pain, a wish for a more joyful life resides in our hearts.  

Despite our hurts, our griefs, or the distant fading memories of better times, how can we find Joy again? 

That special spark inside yourself is nowhere to be found. When that feeling disappears, an emptiness seems to fill the gap.

Maybe we try to fill the emptiness by being busy. 

But before we know it, the spark of Joy seems nowhere to be found….. and even very special feelings like laughter, compassion, and love seem covered over like a campfire being doused with water, dampened down until the embers are cold.

How can we bring the spark of Joy back into our lives?

We are each on our own journey and because of that, we are all different.

We are here to support and serve you,

to fan the spark of joy,

to bring it into being in our lives again.

yo bring the experience of joy into our every day again.

Join us and learn how to put Joy In Motion for life!   

Helen and Lynne


"Few and far between are we lucky to meet great people that have such a positive way about them. Our Dreams turn into projects, and onto results that were full of energy, teaching skills along the way to overcome any hurdles. We started as colleagues, became friends over time. I happily consider them part of the family now. Thanks for all that you do, ladies."

Henry H.

"Independent sessions, small groups or thirty-people jammed in a boardroom - Helen and Lynne have the skills and creativity to take of business and everyone in the room. Throughout the years I have known them, it wasn't just about checking off items from the agenda but integrating emotional well-being, physical health, creativity, fun and a joy for life throughout the day. A day of work shouldn't feel like work but something inspiring. Helen and Lynne make it happen."

Kerri C

"I have had the pleasure of working with Helen for coaching and guidance around fear of public speaking. This fear was almost debilitating for me and was holding me back from growing and evolving within my personal life and career. Helen's ability to connect and help you see the truth in your situation has changed my life. I am feeling empowered and free from the fear that had way too much power in my life. Thank you, Helen, for the skills and tools you have added to my tool belt. This gift you have provided will empower many more."

Shannon M.

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