A Little Mint Can't Hurt


For those of you who are Monty Python fans, there is a scene in the Meaning of Life, when the waiter offers Mr. Creosote a "wafer thin mint." The waiter keeps goading him to eat it.

This is after a night of binging at the restaurant. Mr. Creosote comes to the conclusion that one single thin little mint couldn't do much harm.

Instead, Mr. Creosote explodes!

It's Monty Python so it's a little goofy and a whole lot of crazy.

This is a great example for me about how wee little bits along the way can have a huge impact on things. Things like money.

These little things became huge issues for us.

I saw the correlation between Monty Python's thin mint compared to this app we use to track our money called MINT.

When it's time to check in, going crazy emotionally and wanting to run out of the room wasn't the healthiest way to approach our finances.

I want to share with you what I learned about money and how we now manage things in a much healthier way.

We have grown and practiced a...

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How to Turn Tears into Triumph


Have you ever been in this situation?

You are in a meeting, talking about a project, when suddenly you have an overwhelming sense of emotion.

Do you know what I'm talking about? It's that moment when you have to fight back the tears.

I know that I've had that feeling.

I’ll be sitting in the meeting and having to concentrate on what everyone was talking about. I force myself to sit through it all and feel like crap when I walk out. I’d feel like I wasn't worthy to be on that team. That everything was really unfair.

If you have that feeling, please use these tools to check in with yourself. I learned this from the Neuroleadership Institute. This is from a model that David Rock put forth called the SCARF model.


In this sense, relatedness corresponds to our own personal sense of safety. I realized that I didn't feel safe in this environment, in this meeting.

Even though I was dealing with regular projects, the fact is that those tears indicated that I didn't...

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Healing through the Threads of Connection


For those of you who have gone through really tough times in your life, you know what it can mean to have somebody truly express compassion and caring. I've benefited from that support greatly.

I wanted to share with you today about a time in my life when our daughter passed away.

It was a horrid, painful time.

Family and friends surrounded us with love. And in walked a small group of people that I worked with at the time who gave me a gift. It was a simple little gift and yet it has meant so much to me.

They gave me a little patchwork quilt meant to wrap me up in love and compassion. It was a space to cry, to grieve, but also know that we didn't have to go through it alone. That we had other people around us that cared and were there for us to lean on.

I can tell you it meant so much.

Since then, I have passed on that quilt to a young man and woman in a community called Fort Chipewyan. They had tragically lost a dear friend.

Because of that caring and compassion that...

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Goal Challenge: Connect with Someone


In our ever present journey to grow the Joy in our lives, I want to give you all a challenge: increase your social connections.

But first, I want to talk to you about being a “Chick”. As you can see in my video, I have a shirt that says "Chick."

That means that I'm part of a group of women who have worked together. Working together wasn’t enough to build up deep connections. We decided to get together once a year just to hang out, play, and get to know each other a whole lot more.

Our group of Chicks just celebrated our 20th anniversary this year. How inspiring is that?

This group of women was different than family and friends. We may not have had coffee with each other every day. We may not have hung out all the time. But we are definitely there for each other through life. For mentoring, support, and camaraderie.

A huge thank you to all the chicks out there! I love you all so very much!

Why am I bringing this up? What does this have to do with increasing your...

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Shrinking Myself to Facebook Emojis

Do you ever feel like you, your family, and your friends have been shrunk down to little Facebook likes or some sort of emoji?

These past few months, I've started feeling that way. Consequently, I've taken a break from social media to reset, gather myself, and refresh.  

It feels great!  

I'm back online, but have a more regimented way of interacting with it.  And CERTAINLY, it's NOT the first ten things I do at the start of my day.  

How about you?

During my time off and reflection, I set a goal for the remainder of this year to physically see my friends and family. That means time set aside in my schedule to visit, hang out, learn something together, and share food (of course, the two go hand in hand for me).

There is a scientific value in doing this, too! It helps our mood.

This summer I have a goal relating to the people I admire and love in the world:
Visit with them in person! Everyone is so busy (including me) but setting this goal will help...

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Helen Interviews Tania Dashcavich


Lynne and I have been doing a series of live videos on our Facebook channel. Recently our good friend Tania jumped on with some great comments about doing check-ins. This lead to an impromptu interview with how she uses check-ins within her organizations and communities. This is an excerpt from a longer video.

Helen: Tania!

Tania: Hi.

Helen: A.k.a Tania Dash. It's so good to see you.

Tania: Oh, you too, my dear.

Helen: I'm really thrilled for, first of all, that we get to see each other today. I don't know why we don't do this more often.

Tania: Yeah, no kidding.

Helen: Yeah.

Tania: I always watch you guys on video.

Helen: Aww, thank you. We wanted to talk about Check-ins and you were so enthusiastic today earlier on the Facebook Live. I have this thing called Check-ins, why has that become a really important thing for you to use in your life?

Tania: Any situation, let's say you're going to have an event or even like with my kids, I'll always do a Check-in at the end of the day,...

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Getting a Happy Ticket

Being three again!

The wonderful spirit. The belly laughs. The amazing questions. The never ending imagination.

These are all aspects that encourage me to LOVE like a three year old!

"Come ON, Nana. Let’s go to my office,” my 3 year old granddaughter exclaimed.

Visiting our family in their new home, my little granddaughter greeted me first thing in the morning. Here we were heading to the ‘office’.

She sat at the swivel chair nudged up the desk and plunked away on the calculator Think an old school electric one. Plug in numbers then hit the enter button.

Kachunk, kerplunc….the calculator went.

Then she printed it off, added some lovely blue markings, and handed the paper to me.

“Here Nana! This is your Happy Ticket! Hope you have a great day today!,” she said.

I was stunned, then oh so proud of this lovely person! Well, I’m always proud (and yes, I AM that kind of Nana)!

Why is this so special, you ask?

There is scientific proof...

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Forty Years Together

Does a Road trip to Celebrate 40 years together sound like hell to you?

Why would we stick ourselves inside a car for days and call that a celebration you ask?  
Why not hop on a plane and hit the beaches in Mexico, Florida, or the Bahamas? We like beaches and snorkeling in warm seas as you know!

Imagine having the opportunity for long, worthwhile and uninterrupted time for very personal conversations about our lives together, the love we share with each other.   

Even teasing out some annoyances we have of each other like, well, I can be bossy (I know, you’re shocked, aren’t you?)

At the border patrol crossing, Clark starts moving the car forward past the massive ‘STOP HERE’ sign. I urge him to stop, even back up. “Jeez you are bossy sometimes!”

As we leave and continue our journey, we talk about it.

I apologize and thank Clark for mentioning his frustration with me. Sometimes I don’t know what’s bugging him if he...

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Freed of Massive Chains Around Me

As we were visiting, my friend described how fortunate she felt to be chosen to leave her company.  I couldn’t believe my ears. 

Last month she was hoping that she would stay, to be one of the last standing were the words I recall. 

Yet here she was describing how tough being one of the ones left behind, holding fingers to the dyke of a company that she was proud of in so many ways and proud of what she had contributed over the years.

I keep hearing her words… "RELIEF. I feel so incredibly relieved." 

I wondered how this experience felt like relief?  Here was my friend, smart, savvy, and proud of what she did yet oh SO HAPPY to be jettisoned out. 


Sometimes we need an external push to move us forward, to act as a catalyst, to remove the chains holding us back in our lives. 

The whole nature of waiting to find out your ‘fate’ from an outside source like your employer can feel very limiting. It's passive. You...

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Your Brain, My Brain - It's All About Our Brains

We all love a good read, don't you?  Especially when we can put takeaways into our daily lives right away.

David Rock’s Your Brain At Work is a book our team loves! We’ll give you the quick 1-2 on it in case you’d like some brain friendly hints for your day.

Why we love it:

  • It’s a practical guide to your work-day based on neuroscience.
  • It’s an easy read.
  • It addressed common problems and feelings that we all face.
  • It provides many tips, examples whether you work in an office setting, work independently or from home.
  • It has handy summaries at the end of each chapter.

Our Main Takeaways from Your Brain at Work:

  • "Prioritize Prioritizing”: Prioritizing takes a lot of attention, processing and energy for the brain, as it turns out. So, it is helpful to prioritize before you dive into anything else. That means don’t get sucked into emails. Just prioritize first so that you don’t jeopardize your brain from staying focused as you move...
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